Budget Planner | Printable


Managing all your finance and budgets can be pretty difficult, especially when you cant find where to put all your stuff together. Not being able to pay your bills on time can be such a headache. Not having money to pay your bills because you are disorganized, and the extra fees you have to pay can cause sleepless nights.



Beat Your Financial Struggles Like a Money-Smart Mom

Budget Planner | Printable

Do you wish you could have a simple but practical way to organize your finances?

Are you tired of having to open the bills and almost suffer a heart attack?

The more you try to solve the financial problems caused by excessive spending, the more you struggle?

You wish you can have a way to monitor your income and expenditure. Plus, help you save—a place where all your financial details are spelled out clearly.

That will help you to spell out all your financial details.

Take a deep breath because a solution is here.

We give you-


Budget Planner | Printable

This planner will streamline your financial record keeping.

It will take you from a place of financial instability to absolute financial freedom.   

Budget Planner| Printable was designed because I struggled with spending within the limits of my income.

Take, for example, a credit card. It means financial freedom, you shop for anything and everything. (so you think)

Then, you only realize too late that you are staring at a pile-up of money you have to pay.

Such financial mistakes can make you get stuck in debt until old age.

You try disposing of your credit card. For days and months on end, you stay clear from paying for anything using the ”cursed card”.

But with time, you realize the card is not the problem.  You still can not balance what you spend and what you earn.

You try using a journal to record every finance detail. 

You draw columns to write financial details that feel important. 

But at times, you would travel and forget your journal at home. If only there were a planner version you could access on your phone too.

But a breakthrough comes when you realize the problem lies in your priorities. You find that if you had an inclusive budget, tracking your expenditure got easier. 

You keep working on finding the destructive spending patterns and replacing them with good spending habits. 

Finally, you can make a budget and stick to it.  You can comfortably split your income into all the categories you wish.

Everybody wants such financial freedom.

That is why I am sharing my financial tool with the world.  A planner that endeavors to help you enjoy life more by organizing your finances better.

This Budget Planner| Printable will:

  1. Give you a platform to write your budget
  2. Help you in remembering easy to forget things such as bills
  3. Help you monitor short term and long term financial goals
  4. Enable you to track your spending
  5. Help you account for monies aside from primary stream income 
  6. Help you actualize the financial future you want

What Is in This Budget Planner| Printable?

You get:

  1. Sinking fund tracker – a place for monies you keep to ease the financial pressure. For example, Car insurance. 
  2. Bill tracker– don’t forget to pay the cable.
  3. Expense tracker– Any money spent is recorded.
  4. Expense tracker summary– A place for you to establish if you are on track or not.
  5. Irregular income tracker– a spot for your side hustle income.
  6. Budget– Define how you want to spend the money you have.
  7. Monthly goals– Attain financial milestones month by month.
  8. Saving ledger–  Keep up with what amount you are setting aside.

What’s the Size? US letter size 8.5×11 inches.

Your financial goals could be just about anything including:

  1. Paying off student loans
  2. Fixing your credit score
  3. Saving up for a down payment on a house
  4. Saving up for a family vacation
  5. Saving for the big days

This is part one of several collections to come to help you organize your home. Printables are in fillable PDF templates, so you can personalize with your own information.

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Budget Planner | Printable


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For that reason, I can’t offer a refund.

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