Horse Coloring Pages for Kids

$5.00 $3.50

Set of 40 Printable Horse Coloring Pages.
Download the files & print as many times as you would like.
Standard 8.5 ” x 11″ pages to print and color.


Sharpen Your Child’s Knowledge Scope with A Fun Play Activity

Horse coloring pages

Coloring is one fun activity every mom will encourage their child to participate in by getting them coloring pages and packets of crayons.

And children get fascinated by the distinct difference of color every crayon leaves on the paper.

Besides, coloring is one activity children can perform right from when they are babies and through their elementary years.

Most likely, you want coloring pages to keep your child entertained around the house.

But there are other benefits too!

You prepare your child for learning how to write by developing a grip for the crayon.

Again, you help learn to identify and name different colors.

However, a particular set of coloring pages do more than the reasons mentioned above.

They teach your child issues in the real world- about the environment.

Understand that everything is new to your child.

So, you have to take every opportunity, including their play sessions, to teach them about nature.

You want your child to know that most plants are green and most animals don’t come in bright colors such as pink, yellow, and orange.

Don’t feel lost where to begin.

To start you off, we give you Horse Coloring Pages.
Why horses?  If your child colors their horse in blue, help them understand that they should have used brown, gray, or even black.

Take that opportunity to name other animals that fit the color shade right from farm animals to pets.

Again, horses are that animal knights are always riding in stories you read for your child.

Therefore, there’s a familiarity surrounding this animal; your child will love pouring their imagination into creating the art.

Get the coloring pages at a fantastic discounted price tag of $5.00$3.50.

Buy now to cut yourself a good deal; discounts don’t last forever.

Why Horse Coloring Pages for Your Child?

  • Help your child develop hand muscles- as they practice, the grip will continue to get better.
  • Improve the child’s hand-eye coordination as they try to color within the lines
  • Develop the child’s confidence as they display their finished work
  • Stirs imagination and creativity in your child
  • Teach children patience- they have to sit and finish coloring the whole drawing.
  • Let the child develop consciousness of their environment.
  • A fun-filled and mess-free play activity for a cleaner house
  • Ensures the child stays occupied, happy and active


What Do You Get in The Horse Coloring Pages?

  • 40 Horse Coloring Pages- Get a variation of horses for your child to color. Is it cute baby horses or a majestic galloping creature your child prefers? Let them find out as they color page after page.

-This product comes as a PDF file you download on your computer

– The pages are the standard US 8.5″ * 11.” 

– Use good quality paper to print

We have a vast collection of other coloring pages available to suit you and your child’s needs, all at a fantastic price.

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INSTANT DOWNLOAD: The coloring pages’ booklet is a digital product meant for downloading. Thus, no physical product will be shipped to you.



Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I access this product?

How does lifetime access sound? Once you purchase, you have unlimited access to the product on all devices you have. You can print as many pages as you wish for personal use.

What if I am unhappy with the product?

Since this is a digital product you can download to your computer, there is no way I can completely retract it. For that reason, I can’t offer a refund. Please know I keep my prices super affordable to help you as much as I can!


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