The Ultimate Busy Mom’s Planner

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The Ultimate Busy Mum Planner is an essential tool for all the busy moms! It will help you to organize, and simplify your busy mom’s life.

This planner will help you to create goals around those intentions, breaking them down into smaller steps so that you can achieve them.

So, go ahead and set your goals and intentions for your life.


Get Yourself  An All-inclusive Planner- All You Ever Needed

What if you got a job offer as the only employee in an office?

In a day’s work, you will either be delivering letters, drawing a budget, keeping the place clean, arranging appointments, prepping some meals, and so much more.

You will turn down the job offer without a second thought.

How can one person perform the duties of a dozen others?

There is a reason why there is specialization in the workplace.

But wait a second. 

Think about you, the millennial mum; your responsibilities are way more prominent than the job mentioned above.

 One person balances parenting and all the heavy lifting that comes with it and still manages to earn an income and pursue their dreams with livid passion.

However, you are no miracle worker; sometimes, you fail and getting quite disorganized.

Well, you can make a lasting choice.

You can manage to keep track of everything going on in your life and have no day pressure mounts on you.

You can get yourself a place to hold all information that makes your days productive and blissful.

Uncover a secret- The Ultimate Busy Mom Planner.

Say no to struggling with finding cleaning schedules and managing your finances.

And not just that, the planner will help you organize areas in your life that you never even thought to contain.

Why The Ultimate Busy Mom Planner Is a Must-Have Tool

  • Find a way to motivate yourself and ditch the extended ‘snuggling on the couch’ days.
  • Strike a balance between taking care of everything else with taking care of yourself
  • Have all the essential things in one place- when everything is in fragments, it’s impossible to tackle everything.
  • Find a compass to direct you on all the crucial issues you need to develop a handling plan.
  • Planning saves you time and money- you always know what to do and when.
  • When your brain can’t remember, let the planner do the remembering for you.
  • Have something tangible to monitor your productivity as you check off completed tasks.

What do you get in This Ultimate Busy Mom Planner?

1.the Year 2021 at a glance–  A calendar to ensure you don’t get shocked when you start noticing Christmas decorations AGAIN, and you have accomplished nothing.

2.A monthly bill tracker–  Pay your bills on time; there’s nothing sweet about penalties.

  1. Income tracker– Assess how much you earn.

4.Expenses tracker– Know where your money goes.

5.Savings tracker– Find a way to grow the financial discipline of saving.

  1. Debt tracker– Servicing loans and other debts is the way to financial freedom.

7.Goal checklist– Make a list of what you want to achieve.

8.Goal planner– Write a detailed plan of goals for your life.

  1. Weekly planner– What do you want to do from the beginning to the end of the week?
  2. Weekly Checklist by Day- Track by ticking off your daily accomplishments
  3. Weekly schedule– Plan your step by step guideline for all activities.

12.To do list– Make a list of tasks and chores you need to handle.

  1. Top 3 lists– A space for the most critical tasks of the day. 

14.A meal planner-  Decide what meals to make for more than one day of the week.

  1. Recipe page– Want to try something new? Write that recipe.

16.Fitness goals– Curve out the fitness benefits you want for yourself.

17.Monthly fitness–  Are you inching towards your goals or not?

18.Weekly fitness– Decide on work out sessions for the week.

  1. Daily fitness– Do something daily. 

20.Daily cleaning– Maintain cleanliness by doing it in bits.

21.Weekly cleaning–  Decide what needs cleaning once a week.

22.Monthly cleaning– Give cobwebs no room in any corner of the house

23.Self-care routine– Remember to take care of yourself.

  1. Personal information– A place to record details such as your social security number.
  2. Password keeper/log– Leave forgetting passwords and blocking accounts in the past.

26.Gratitude journal page– Remind yourself of the flowers life keeps sending you.

27.Project planner– Track long-term goals, for example, buying a ranch in Georgia.

28.Homeschool planner– Make homeschooling work by picking the best educational activities for your children.

  1. Blank Pages for notes– Some space for you to write anything you want.

The planner has a PDF Format

The product is part of a vast collection of fantastic printables for cool millennial moms

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As a busy mom, you’re responsible for holding everything together for the family. You juggle work, appointments, kids, meal planning, budgeting and so much more.

This planner includes

Busy mom planner

Busy Mom’s schedules sometimes make it nearly impossible to keep up with important times unless you have a place to record the time and plan.


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